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Free Course on KOHA in July 2020

by Lemonjar eLearning -

Greetings to everyone and thanks to everyone to succeed the training sessions on June 2020.

And now we are giving another FREE training sessions on July 2020.

Please use the following enroll key to enroll to the free courses.

i.                 [Free Course] LSM-K-101-1 KOHA - Patrons (JULY) – enroll key is [LsMk1011-07]

ii.                [Free Course] LSM-K-101-2 KOHA - Circulation (JULY) – enroll key is [LsMk1012-07]

iii.               [Free Course] LSM-K-301-1 KOHA Installation Training (JULY) – enroll key is [LsMk3011-07]


by Lemonjar eLearning -

1. LMS-K-101 KOHA User Training on 15th July 2020

2. Cont. LMS-K-101 KOHA User Training  on 16th July 2020

3. LMS-K-201 KOHA Admin Level 1 on 29th July 2020

4. Cont. LMS-K-201 KOHA Admin Level 1 on 30th July 2020 

5. LMS-K-101 KOHA User Training - Cataloguing on 12th August 2020

6. Cont. LMS-K-101 KOHA User Training - Course Reserve on 13th August 2020

7. LSM-K-101-7 KOHA User Training - Lists and Cart on 26th August 2020

8. LSM-K-101-8 KOHA User Training - Reports on 26th August 2020

9. LSM-K-101-9 KOHA User Training - OPAC on 26th August 2020

Please refer to our training calendar for more details.

If it is your first time to join this webinar you may need to know how to get started to join the courses. You may go to to prepare everything before you proceed to enroll into the courses.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact to us.

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